Surge Protector

As you watch the debate on Thursday night, remember: No matter what happens, on Friday morning, you're going to hear that the race is tightening. A SURE BET in this campaign is that the media will write a big October comeback story for John Kerry. It is evitable for three reasons. First, the media

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He Made It There

He Made It There...He'll make it anywhere. What the Bush campaign needs to do to keep the momentum rolling. THE NEW YORK CITY CONVENTION was a smashing success. The Bush campaign and the White House should seize upon the convention's lesson and apply it to win this vital election. The lesson is obvious —

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Keyes to a Fiasco

Illinois Republicans decide to make a bad situation worse ILLINOIS REPUBLICANS, at one time a canny and crafty lot, have made a stupid error in hiring Alan Keyes to slap together what's left of the party's U.S. Senate nomination and go howling off into battle against Democrat Barack Obama. The Democrat's wunder-candidate will give

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Conventional Wisdom

How the Democrats are doing so far I'VE SPENT the last two evenings sitting back in tranquil northwestern Michigan and interrupting two perfect summer nights to painfully dose myself with several hours of the Democratic National Convention beamed directly from the podium in all its unfiltered glory to my drooping eyes via C-SPAN. Both

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Stalin Lives!

At Least in His Birthplace I was in the Republic of Georgia, mucking about in its upcoming elections and fighting for democratization and the pro-Western New Rights party. While there, I couldn't resist a quick visit to Gori, the hometown of one Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, aka Josef Stalin. Stalin grew up poor, living with

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On issues of War and Peace, Public Opinion has Proven an Unreliable Guide Much of the recent debate over the Bush administration's Iraq policy has centered on two foolish ideas. The first is that the goal of American foreign policy should be to make certain the United States is "liked" by as many other

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