Murphy Sets Some 1stQ Money Expectations Bars

Give Me Money...That's What I Want For the Democratic presidential field it is a nervous time. In a few weeks the books will close on the 1st quarterly FEC report and reveal each campaign's fund-raising success from Jan. to March. Soon, the money cards will be naked on the table. Finance strength is the

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Murphy’s “Campaign Tells”

"Backseat Driving" is a column penned by GOP consultant Mike Murphy. A veteran of the presidential primary campaign wars from cycles past, Murphy is covering the WH '04 Dem campaigns through the lens of a strategist, or to be more blunt, as a backseat driver. Remember, it's a column so the opinions are his

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Today, we debut our first ever column within the confines of The Hotline. Penned by once-and-future GOP strategist Mike Murphy, the witty wordsmith will do what we enjoy doing best -— "Backseat Drive" the '04 Dem WH race. Murphy, a veteran of many WH campaigns (including Lamar Alexander in '96 and more famously John

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