Gephardt-Edwards Ticket Stopping Dean

It was two in the morning when my phone rang. I could hear a lot of arguing in the background. "Hello, Murphy ... How much! You guys are all for sale, what's your price? NAME IT!" I'd never spoken to John Kerry before. "Well, um, thanks Senator, but I'm a Republican and while I'm

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For months the Democratic primary has been infested by a plague of cable TV debates and they've been a waste of time for nearly everybody, especially the candidates. Voters wait for the real debates on real local TV during the last weeks before the primaries. Those debates move numbers and should be treated with

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The Case For Kerry…Wither Kerry

A year ago when people asked me to foresee the Democratic nominee, I'd hedged a little bit and predicted John Kerry. My rationale was that the primary race in 2004 would be very similar to 1988; a wide-open scramble where a New Englander with a pile of money would have a telling advantage. I

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race?

On June 24th the word went out from Kansas City. The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers have found their candidate: Dick Gephardt. Meanwhile, Howard Dean rakes in millions on the internet. The trendy insight du jour on all this is obvious and already a cliché: while e-candidate Dean

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Howard’s End? No Way.

For the last week the 100 or so party operatives, rival campaign staffers and beltway journalists who together comprise the central nervous system of Democratic conventional wisdom have been cackling over cell phones and emails about how awful Howard Dean was on "Meet the Press." Meanwhile, Dean is busy running circles around his heavy

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What About Bob?

I sat down to write this column and make a credible case for Bob Graham. That was 30 minutes ago. I'm having trouble. On paper, Bob Graham looks like a powerful contender. He's been very successful in a bigger and politically tougher state than any of his competitors. He's been a Governor and Governors

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