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So Where’s Murphy?
New York Times Article, 07/08/2008 , From the gun clubs of Northern Virginia to the sports bars of Capitol Hill — wherever D.C. area Republicans gather — you hear the question: So Where's Mike Murphy?
By William Kristol

Old Saws, New Rust
New York Times Article, 11/15/2006 — clichés , most of which happen to be dead wrong. The three worst offenders...
By Mike Murphy


The Heisenberg primaries
Los Angeles Times Article, 07/05/2007 — Candidates and media beware: you can't measure what hasn't happened.

By Mike Murphy

Like Churchill, Bush Needs a War Cabinet
Los Angeles Times Article, 12/12/2006 — Bush should spend less time worrying about the tangled politics of Iraq and more time ...
By Mike Murphy

The Big Picture
Los Angeles Times — Patrick Goldstein Political insider's new script on Mike Murphy.
By Patrick Goldstein

After a Shaky Opening, a Candidate is Born
The Schwarzenegger campaign was in disarray in early August, but a team of savvy political pros helped him hit his stride.
The Recall Election; Los Angeles Times Archive, by Joe Mathews, Oct 9, 2003

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