The Case For Kerry…Wither Kerry

A year ago when people asked me to foresee the Democratic nominee, I'd hedged a little bit and predicted John Kerry. My rationale was that the primary race in 2004 would be very similar to 1988; a wide-open scramble where a New Englander with a pile of money would have a telling advantage. I

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race?

On June 24th the word went out from Kansas City. The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers have found their candidate: Dick Gephardt. Meanwhile, Howard Dean rakes in millions on the internet. The trendy insight du jour on all this is obvious and already a cliché: while e-candidate Dean

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Howard’s End? No Way.

For the last week the 100 or so party operatives, rival campaign staffers and beltway journalists who together comprise the central nervous system of Democratic conventional wisdom have been cackling over cell phones and emails about how awful Howard Dean was on "Meet the Press." Meanwhile, Dean is busy running circles around his heavy

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What About Bob?

I sat down to write this column and make a credible case for Bob Graham. That was 30 minutes ago. I'm having trouble. On paper, Bob Graham looks like a powerful contender. He's been very successful in a bigger and politically tougher state than any of his competitors. He's been a Governor and Governors

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Murphy’s Advice To Lieberman

Two weeks ago, at the ABC Debate, Joe Lieberman finally got in the Presidential race. Will he go anywhere? Lieberman won his media accolades by being forceful, well reasoned and comfortable. Lieberman's other advantage was the wallpaper of humdrum he was competing against. Kerry tried to grab the spotlight by tussling with Dean; but

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Carolina on Their Minds

You know the candidates have begun to seriously hate each other when they break out the D and T words. "I'm Disappointed in..., very Disturbing comments..., quite Troubled by..., a sad but Telling indicator", etc. This D and T routine is a polite but completely transparent way to have a slappy fight while maintaining

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Is Edwards About To Hit The IA Airwaves With Paid Media?

Suddenly, Sen. John Edwards has become the moneybags of the Democratic field. Edward's $7.4 million shocker has impressed the media, put him firmly back into the race, and probably caused an epic story of regret to be poured into the ears of Bob Shrum's bartender. Can a well-funded Edwards actually win? Perhaps. First, Edwards

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How A Protracted Struggle Helps Bush

The Fog of War What does war with Saddam mean for the Democratic Presidential race? First, the rattle of politics has come to an appropriate halt while all Americans rally behind our forces. The Democratic candidates will await hints of the outcome, careful not to step in front of a far bigger force than

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