The Heisenberg Primaries

Candidates and media beware: you can't measure what hasn't happened. By Mike Murphy and Mark Mellman View this Article on LA Times Online Website IN THE FIRST 100 days of 2007, the big field of Republican and Democratic candidates running for president collectively spent well over $50 million campaigning, made hundreds of stump speeches

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Like Churchill, Bush Needs a War Cabinet

PRESIDENT BUSH should spend less time worrying about the tangled politics of Iraq and more time mastering the equally fractured politics of Washington. The war in Iraq has become partisan — and partisan wars are impossible to fight successfully. The grim truth is that between the "thumping" his party took at the ballot box

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The Big Picture

Leave it to a crafty political consultant like Mike Murphy to coin a great phrase for Hollywood. He calls it Left World, conjuring up the image of a giant theme park overrun, not by rampaging dinosaurs or Hawaiian-shirt clad tourists, but by latte-sipping, tree-hugging, trial lawyer-loving, Dick Cheney-dissing, John Kerry-kissing Demophiliacs. At 42, the

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