Like Churchill, Bush Needs a War Cabinet

PRESIDENT BUSH should spend less time worrying about the tangled politics of Iraq and more time mastering the equally fractured politics of Washington. The war in Iraq has become partisan — and partisan wars are impossible to fight successfully. The grim truth is that between the "thumping" his party took at the ballot box

2021-06-23T20:08:13+00:00December 12th, 2006|Los Angeles Times|1 Comment

Old Saws, New Rust

WATCHING the televised punditry about the elections, I felt pummeled by commentators repeatedly using the same clichés — most of which happen to be dead wrong. The Three Worst Offenders: ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL. Tip O'Neill's observation is no longer true. Safe one-party Congressional seats in Boston 50 years ago were local, but only

2021-06-23T20:04:49+00:00November 15th, 2006|The New York Times|0 Comments
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