What About Bob?

I sat down to write this column and make a credible case for Bob Graham. That was 30 minutes ago. I'm having trouble. On paper, Bob Graham looks like a powerful contender. He's been very successful in a bigger and politically tougher state than any of his competitors. He's been a Governor and Governors

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Murphy’s Advice To Lieberman

Two weeks ago, at the ABC Debate, Joe Lieberman finally got in the Presidential race. Will he go anywhere? Lieberman won his media accolades by being forceful, well reasoned and comfortable. Lieberman's other advantage was the wallpaper of humdrum he was competing against. Kerry tried to grab the spotlight by tussling with Dean; but

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Stalin Lives!

At Least in His Birthplace I was in the Republic of Georgia, mucking about in its upcoming elections and fighting for democratization and the pro-Western New Rights party. While there, I couldn't resist a quick visit to Gori, the hometown of one Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, aka Josef Stalin. Stalin grew up poor, living with

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Carolina on Their Minds

You know the candidates have begun to seriously hate each other when they break out the D and T words. "I'm Disappointed in..., very Disturbing comments..., quite Troubled by..., a sad but Telling indicator", etc. This D and T routine is a polite but completely transparent way to have a slappy fight while maintaining

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